European Charcuterie Package


FREE SHIPPING! Packages ship Monday-Thursday. Order by 3:30pm and we'll ship out next day. Orders placed after 3:30pm Thursday will ship Monday. Packages are shipped cold with next day or 2 day shipping. 
Meats and cheeses are shipped in individually vacuumed sealed portions. Cheeses are shipped in whole pieces; meats are sliced to proper thickness before sealing. 

European Board

  •   Bende Teli(Italy) mild, pork salami
  • Serrano Ham(Spain) thinly sliced, dry-cured ham, intense flavor
  • Bende Csabai (Vernon Hills) salami smoky, paprika flavor
  •   St.Andre Tripple Cream(France) mild, soft, brie like texture
  • Blue Roquefort(France) intense and bold blue, creamy and crumbly
  •   Mimolette(France) firm, cows milk cheese
  • 8oz. Jar of Distorter Mustard (wholegrain mustard made with our Distorter Porter
  • house-made pickled vegetables (vegetables vary)
  • mixed olives
  • small jar of jam
  • flatbread crackers


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