Erskine Plaza- South Bend Mug Club Memberships


***** Please read all of the below before purchasing your membership ***

There are TWO levels of memberships at our Erskine Plaza location, so read everything below before you purchase your membership. There is "The Otherhood of Socialized Drinkers" and also our "General Mug Club" . Each membership is explained below. If you are already a Greenbush Mug Club Member, your membership will be honored at ALL of our locations. If you want to have a membership at more than one Greenbush location, you are more than welcome to. If you have an Erskine Plaza membership, your membership will be honored at all locations as well. Your membership number will be assigned by order of purchase. If you order more than one membership you must email the names of the members. All members must be 21+. Just because you have a membership does not mean you won't get carded and denied alcoholic drinks if you are under 21years of age. By purchasing this membership, you agree to all of our terms and conditions below. Once your membership card is sent to you, you must sign your card. If your card is not signed, your membership will NOT be considered valid. 

People who purchase "The Otherhood of Socialized Drinkers" will be the first to know any news such as events, where to find our food stuffs, beer that is coming out, and when there are Erskine Plaza specific events you will have a first chance to buy tickets before anyone else. 


Greenbush Erskine Plaza


  1. “The Otherhood of Socialized Drinkers” mug club membership sells for a one-time fee of $250, and our “Regular Mug Club” sells for a one-time fee of $100.


  1. We will only offer 250 Memberships to The Otherhood of Socialized Drinkers. These Memberships will be labeled Mug Club Numbers 1-250, and the Regular Mug Club Numbers will be 251-∞. Customers must specify which type of Mug Club they would like to purchase. Once numbers 1-250 are filled, we will no longer sell Memberships to The Otherhood of Socialized Drinkers.


  1. A membership to the Otherhood of Socialized Drinkers includes your own personal, handmade, 20 ounce ceramic mug made by local artist Jon Hook that will be kept on location at Greenbush-Erskine Plaza. These mugs are made to order, so a glass mug will be provided until your custom mug is made. A regular mug clubber will be provided with a classic, 20 ounce “guest mug” upon ordering.


  1. Mug Clubbers who present their Mug Club Card and ID on Tuesdays at Greenbush-Erskine Plaza will get half off pints. Mug Clubbers who present their Mug Club Card and ID on Monday at Greenbush-Sawyer will receive half off pints. Wednesday – Monday at Greenbush-Erskine Plaza, Mug Clubbers will get $.50 off their mug fills. Tuesday – Sunday at Greenbush-Sawyer Mug Clubbers will get $.50 off their mug fills.


  1. At Greenbush-Sawyer, Mug Clubbers will get $2.00 off all growler fills and $1.00 off of all howler fills on Wednesday only. There are no growlers at Greenbush-Erskine Plaza. Should this policy change, the same growler rules will apply at GB-Erskine.


  1. ALL Greenbush Mug Club cards will be valid at ALL official Greenbush locations.


  1. If a member of The Otherhood of Socialized Drinkers should break his or her ceramic mug, they must pay for a new one to be made, and a guest mug will be provided in the meantime. A new mug will cost $40. If a Greenbush Employee breaks your mug, he or she will be deemed a klutz, and Greenbush will have a new mug made at no charge.


  1. Mug Club Members MUST present their Mug Club Card and ID if they wish to use their Mug Club perks. NO EXCEPTIONS.


  1. Mug Clubbers will only be able to use the Mug Club Perks for beer they will be consuming. You cannot use your card to buy a discounted mug for someone else.


  1. You must be 21+ to purchase a Mug Club Membership.


  1. Mug Club Cards that are not signed are invalid.


  1. Mug Club Cards are not transferrable. You cannot lend out your Mug Club Card. Not to your spouse, not to your grandma, not even to your identical twin.


  1. You may not sell your Mug Club Card on the black market.


  1. If you lose your Mug Club Card, we will be disappointed in you, but we will provide you with a new card for $5.


  1. Being part of the Greenbush Mug Club does not give you preferential treatment. You may still have to wait to be seated. You may still have to wait for your order to be taken. We still reserve the right to cut you off, kick you out, refuse to serve you, ban you, etc. Mug Clubbers are expected to follow the rules of the establishment, as well as the law.


  1. Don’t be an idiot.


  1. If at any point in time, a Greenbush employee believes you are abusing your Mug Club membership, said employee holds the right to inform management, who can then revoke membership.


  1. By signing your Mug Club Card, you’re agreeing to these Terms and Conditions. Should you break these Terms and Conditions, your Mug Club Card will no longer be valid, you will pass into the eternal abyss, and you will no longer be part of our Mug Club.